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"Blood On My Hands"
This collection is titled after the bloody hand prints painted on the bottom portion of each painting. “In this series I’m asking the viewer to examine their own actions and how they may be unknowingly contributing to some of today’s global problems. This is why the collection is titled Blood on My Hands, as opposed to Blood on Their Hands.” - Sandy Cohen
One piece addresses the atrocities of the modern day meat industries, the other is about abuse of political power, and the last covers a myriad of subjects which the artist asks the viewer to examine. Each piece is carefully hand painted. No stencils were used.


"Vegan AF" - 60"x60" - oil, acrylic on canvas -                                      SOLD


"Absolute Power" - 60"x60" - oil, acrylic on canvas -                                            SOLD 


"Free Your Mind" - 60"x60" - oil, acrylic on canvas -                                            SOLD

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