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Sandy Cohen is a Hamptons based artist, born in Israel and raised in New York City. Her works of art are exhibited in galleries internationally and can be found in the private collections of several Royal families as well as celebrities and other high profile collectors such as the Stern family (NYU School of Business). Cohen's art has been featured in numerous publications as well as in a museum in South America (Museo Casa Del Arte Y La Cultura De Santa Fe in Medellin, Colombia) . She enjoys using childhood pop culture iconography in combination with adult themes in her pieces. Her works are rich in stories and often evoke strong emotions by the viewer. Sandy's other successful  projects include her  limited edition apparel and more recently her delve into the metaverse with her collections of NFTs.  




Sandy is a self taught artist that started creating art as an infant. At the age of eight she was the youngest student at a college program located in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Her skills were so advanced that the instructor asked her to teach the remainder of the workshop. This led her to sell her first piece at the age of thirteen. She was granted admission to Fashion Institute of Technology at the age of fourteen. She completed her High School studies at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Art. After graduation, Peter Max discovered Ms. Cohen as a young artist. Sandy was about to start her life as a young adult and pursue her passion in a career as an artist. Unfortunately shortly before her twentieth birthday, Sandy fell seriously ill as a result of side effects from a combination of pills her Dr prescribed against a bout of food poisoning. Creating a multi-systemic collapse in her health,  leading to the development of ME/CFS and Dysautonomia (which also confined her to a wheelchair for seven years). In all aspects the illness made it impossible for her to live a normal life. Art was where she could escape the reality of her physical confinement. In 2017, after endless trial and error treatments, Sandy finally re-emerged on to the art scene. Within the first year, her paintings were featured at Art Basel and galleries across the country as well as Europe. Although she has come a long way regarding her health she still struggles with symptoms that wax and wane daily. Pushing through despite the physical challenges. Her pieces are filled with deep messages that have come from her own life experiences. She hopes that through her journey she can be an inspiration for others to never give up. 


  • RJD Gallery - Hamptons

  • VW Contemporary - Greenwich CT

  • Oliver Cole - Miami FL

  • SoHo Ink - NYC

  • Gallery 23 - NYC

  • Perseus Gallery - Moscow

  • Gallery Steiner - Vienna 

  • Stella Flame - Hamptons

  • Lincoln Michaels - Art Basel Miami

  • Spirit Art Space - St. Barts

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